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A human induced landslide in the centre of a town

ByW. Dąbrowki, M. Zielina & J. Bąk

ABSTRACT: The potential reasons for a dangerous landslide are discussed. A valley historically drained by a seasonally flowing stream was filled with soil, levelled out and used for housing development. The estuary of the stream was crossed by a busy avenue constructed on a dyke. Forty years after the development, the road suddenly slid down, demolishing the underground infrastructure and several garages. The local waterworks company has been accused for causing the slide because of operation of two drinking water pipelines. However, the consideration of several potential causes for the accident concludes in the statement that the blocking of the groundwater outflow from the former valley could be the main or even the sole cause. Long term leaking of the water pipelines and storm water sewerage could also have additionally contributed to the accident, but a possible pipe break or disconnection has been excluded as a potential cause of the disaster.