chapter  10
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Visualizing MAP Grammar

Utilizing visual aids to integrate the teaching of linguistic structure and content knowledge
WithTim Stewart

This chapter highlights meaning-order approach to pedagogical grammar as being most effective at helping students make meaning in a second or foreign language. According to Graddol, there is a growing trend worldwide to use English as a medium of instruction. In Europe, the aim is to help all citizens become multilingual and the main teaching approach adopted is content and language integrated learning. Language socialization is an interpretive approach which seeks to understand the process through which individuals become competent members of society and what role language plays in the process. Accuracy should be stressed, with students required to ask complete questions and answer in full sentences. The visual, and the language generated talking about it, will make abstract information more context-imbedded for students. The aim is to ensure students understand basic concepts so that they can begin higher processing of information and deeper understanding.