chapter  14
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Voices from ‘practitioners’

A collaborative exploration of MAP Grammar in an EFL classroom
WithYoshitaka Kato, Hironori Watari, Francesco Bolstad

A pedagogical grammar (PG) realizes its true value when learners as well as teachers find it useful for their language learning and teaching needs. MAP Grammar is no exception. In fact, previous studies which have examined the effects of introducing Meaning-Order Approach to Pedagogical Grammar (MAP Grammar) in language classrooms have revealed positive gains in the productive skills and elicited favorable comments from English as a foreign language (EFL) learners. Exploratory Practice (EP) is an attempt to "integrate pedagogy and research for and by learners and teachers". While EP philosophy may sound attractive to practitioners, they often realize how difficult it is to build such a collaborative atmosphere in the classroom. In fact, in order to facilitate smooth communication among class participants, people need some specific tools to elicit honest comments on the class being explored. This chapter reports on the process of understanding and utilizing MAP Grammar in an EFL reading classroom.