chapter  17
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MAP Grammar and recitation/reproduction activities

WithKei Okuzumi

Meaning-order approach to pedagogical grammar (MAP Grammar) as a method of instruction could be likened to an 'Operating System (OS)' for computers rather than a single 'application'. Just as an OS does, it provides the user with a basic interface allowing them to navigate through different functions smoothly. Before undertaking recitation and copying, the learners should be provided with the target passage and fully understand its content. This may be facilitated by the teacher in the classroom, by providing model readings and follow-up questions, and may also incorporate choral reading, in which all students repeat the model reading after the teacher. Recitation is conducted sentence-by-sentence for the length of a passage. For the copying practice, the students are provided a worksheet, which is designed based on the MAP Grammar structure. After students complete the copying practice, they are expected to self-check their performances through comparison with the model passage.