chapter  1
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MAP Grammar

A systemic approach to ELT
ByAkira Tajino

This chapter describes the nature and theoretical background of meaning-order approach to pedagogical grammar (MAP Grammar) and demonstrates how it may be applied to the teaching and learning of English grammar. MAP Grammar involves a dynamic approach to language pedagogy. It provides a way to visualize English grammar that shows the whole picture of grammar revealing interrelations among grammatical items. The so-called seven clause patterns have been most commonly used. This may be quite reasonable from an analytic perspective; that is, metalanguage terms are used in order to analyze English clauses, leading to the seven clause patterns. MAP Grammar seeks to avoid the use of meta-linguistic terms as much as possible. Grammar reference books usually state that most English sentences can be categorized into seven patterns. MAP Grammar takes a different approach to instruction than traditional methods which have been akin to building a wall by stacking individual blocks on top of each other one by one.