chapter  2
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Pedagogical grammar

How should it be designed?
WithYosuke Yanase

This chapter explores how one can help second language learners communicate by means of pedagogical grammar. Observation and reflection are essential for grammatical analysis; without written language that is by its nature static, such analysis is almost impossible. Chomsky revolutionized the study of grammar. He turned it from a study of humanities into a study of natural science. Although non-Chomskyan grammar still flourishes, Chomsky radically changed people's concept of grammatical theory. The analyst and the user are different in terms of accessible language, too. For the analyst, the target language is typically presented visually on a written medium. Meaning is the way the humans process the complexity of the world. Complexity is a state in which there are a large number of elements and, therefore, a far larger number of combinations of them in a system that the prediction of a single necessary consequence is impossible.