chapter  5
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MAP Grammar and ESP

Beyond the classroom
WithHajime Terauchi, Sayako Maswana

This chapter discusses how meaning-order approach to pedagogical grammar (MAP Grammar) can lead learners to use English effectively outside the confines of the language classroom by introducing an English for Specific Purposes (ESP) genre-based approach. ESP is often employed when teaching English in tertiary education and in the workplace to help learners acquire the language needed to actively participate in the target discourse community through learning the knowledge of a shared genre. There is a variety of legal genres that present specific practices and conventions of discourse and language use in English. For learners to be able to use English in a manner functionally appropriate to purpose and context, it is important to consider Systemic Functional Grammar (SFG) and ESP perspectives. It is recommended to encourage young learners, basic and independent users, to practice the four English skills based on MAP Grammar to allow them to prepare for acquiring the vocabulary.