chapter  6
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Teaching English to young learners in the EFL classroom
WithEmiko Izumi

Teaching English to Young Learners has increasingly become a worldwide concern over the past few decades. Many Asian English as a second or foreign language countries, including China and Korea, have made English education compulsory, often from the primary level, and even as early the first grade in Thailand, and cities such as Beijing, and Seoul. Theories of Second Language Acquisition also borrow heavily from the theories and paradigms of first language acquisition, such as the behaviorist, innatist, cognitive and sociocultural perspectives, albeit with certain important caveats. Students learn the target language by imitating or repeating language they hear, and in the process, they associate words and phrases with other words and phrases that occur concurrently, or that they have already encountered. It may be useful to have students imagine a train consisting of five cars as an analogy to the five slots.