chapter  7
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MAP Grammar and ICT applications

WithToshiyuki Kanamaru, Daniel Roy Pearce

Second or foreign language acquisition is a complex and multifaceted process. Most practitioners of language teaching would agree that the entire range of skills needed to successfully communicate in a second language, as well as the time and effort necessary to imbue such skills in learners is simply beyond the range of what is possible in the classroom. In order to examine the effectiveness of the application, a pilot study was carried out at a senior high school in Kyoto Prefecture, Japan, in late 2016. Twenty students were chosen at random from two classes of second-year students. The 20 participants took a pre-test before being exposed to the Imijun application. Each participant was required to complete ten problems in which he or she would translate a target sentence from Japanese into English. The pre- and post-tests were evaluated by two native-speaking teachers of English.