chapter  8
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MAP Grammar and motivation

WithDavid Dalsky, Ryan W. Smithers, Yoshinari Sasaki

No one would question the instrumental role that motivation plays in the teaching and learning of grammar and its use for both students and teachers. Teachers need to help learners become effective at learning because effective learners are the ones who are cognitively involved in learning a foreign or second language (L2). Meaning-order approach to pedagogical grammar (MAP Grammar) provides a sort of 'road map' of English grammar, one in which the components of grammar are interrelated and loosely structured so that learners and teachers would have 'play' in steering wheel as they drive from one point to the next on communicative street. Beyond being a source of 'play' in the classroom, MAP Grammar can handle a variety of classroom circumstances and learner characteristics, making learning and teaching intrinsically rewarding because it is intuitive and parsimonious. As motivation contributes to success in learning a foreign or L2, it becomes paramount that teachers do everything they can to help bolster motivation.