chapter  21
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Exploring the prerequisites for long-term survival of internationalising and innovative SMEs

The case of the Swedish life-science industry
WithSara Melén Hånell, Emilia Rovira Nordman, Daniel Tolstoy

This chapter complements the empirical research, highlighting that aspects such as network access and accesses to financial resources also impact the choices that innovative small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) in the life-science industry make during their internationalisation. However, focusing on life-science SMEs from one European country, does not yet permit broad generalisations to be made. The chapter presents the ideas that may build a basis for how future public policy instruments can be earmarked to support innovative SMEs in Europe, and possibly elsewhere, thus promoting innovation, entrepreneurship and economic growth. It contributes to the understanding of how innovative and international SMEs grow and survive from a long-term perspective. The chapter focuses on prior research within the emerging field of international entrepreneurship, which typically focuses on innovative and international SMEs. It contributes to international entrepreneurship literature by presenting a longitudinal study based on data of 26 innovative SMEs in the Swedish life-science industry.