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RadSex in theory and in practice
ByStuart J. Murray, Dave Holmes, Thomas Foth

This chapter offers critical analyses of three distinct, but sometimes overlapping, 'deviant' sociosexual practices between men: bareback sex, BDSM, and public sex. It focuses on a wide range of perspectives informed in large part by queer theory and poststructuralism. Rather, building variously upon poststructuralism, queer theory, and the field of gender and sexuality studies, the chapter explores the empirical risks, economies of danger, and public health messaging that converge on sexual bodies and pleasures – even "unbearable" ones. It examines the scandalous social structures and dangerous discourses that constitute RadSex and situated carnal knowledges in the current context. Queer sociodiscursive praxes seek to destabilize "normality" and naturalized or essentialized relations of power/knowledge. Queer critiques ought therefore not only to target the heteronormative structure of ReproSex, but also the heteronormative stratifications of time and space. The premises of generational or ReproTime also govern a growth economy, and the way time is organized follows the logic of capital accumulation.