chapter  10
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Profiling public sex

How Grindr revolutionized the face of gay cruising
ByMatthew Numer, Dave Holmes, Phillip Joy, Ryan Thompson

Modern digital technologies have and continue to transform the possibilities for encountering sex. This chapter examines how one mobile app contributes to the shaping of sexual subjectivities among gay men and other men who have sex with men (MSM), as well as to the modern conceptualization of the gay community. It analysis how Grindr, the most prominent mobile gay cruising app in Western culture, has impacted the understanding of community. The chapter illustrates how Grindr itself is a contested space from which to understand the male body. It focuses on the findings of a qualitative study on Grindr users. Digital technologies have transformed what constitutes public space and the gay men's community, revolutionizing the subjective experience of being gay. Poststructural scholarship offers a compelling approach to investigate how technology is woven into the sexual subjectivities of gay men and other MSM.