chapter  11
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Secret desires

Contemporary Brazilian masculinities in the era of network relations
WithRichard Miskolci, Larissa Pelucio, Luiz Felipe Zago

The intensified use of sites and mobile apps for relationships places people before one of the most sensitive current social transformations, which influences how they have established new aspirational horizons related to sexual and emotional desires, marked by the challenging sexual and gender negotiations associated with recent technologies. Among the characteristics that establish these new horizons that shape sexual and romantic desires, people argue that the use of the Internet to establish secret relationships emerges as a strategy for individuals to escape the moral restrictions linked to the experiences of love and affection in Brazilian culture. The study of digital media has helped to make intimate life, emotional, romantic and sexual, more accessible and understandable, expanding the investigative limits previously limited by the difficulties imposed by face-to-face studies, in which moral barriers delimited what could be said. The broader access to digital media in Brazil has allowed private contact with collective desires that have historically been experienced in secret.