chapter  1
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A critical discourse analysis of barebacking rhetoric
ByDave Holmes, Chad Hammond, Mathieu Mercier

Men's sexual desire for other men has created a plethora of real and virtual spaces for sex. This chapter provides a critical discourse analysis of a specific barebacking website called Bareback Brotherhood, and focusesmore precisely on the 'welcome email' to subscribers. The current critical analysis is informed by the work of Deleuze and Guattari, and in particular their theoretical reflections on assemblages, multiplicities, and nomadology. Analysis of the welcome email rendered several major discursive constructions and effects, presented sequentially as they unfold within the text. The welcome email deploys a series of tropes or metaphoric images in and through which new members may interpret themselves and their sexual activities and desires. Nearing the last quarter of the email, the text repeats the structure of the welcome greeting, not only to tie the previous sections of the email together but also to produce a powerful new discourse on barebacking identity.