chapter  7
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Fucking with fluids and wet with desire

Power and humiliation using cum, piss, and blood
WithJeremy N. Thomas, DJ Williams

Concerns about body fluids have long been an essential feature of modern society. By the mid-1800s, industrialization and urbanization were leading city planners to give increasing attention to these concerns as they sought to manage the growing challenges of hygiene, sewers, and the spread of infectious disease. Undoubtedly, the body fluid most commonly associated with sexuality is semen. Learning about the context of power and humiliation begins at an early age when young children are toilet trained, and toddlers first begin to understand the proper times, places, and procedures of urination. Although cum, piss, and blood are thus the three body fluids most clearly associated with power and humiliation, it is important to note that there are other body fluids that can function in a largely similar manner. The chapter investigates the particular activities by which body fluids can contribute to power and humiliation. It briefly proposes what might be thought of as two critical 'quandaries of context'.