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ByNoel Lloyd CBE

The Constitutional Reform Act 2005, and the Judicial Appointments Regulations under the Crime and Courts Act 2013, require there to be, as far as is practicable, a Commissioner with 'special knowledge' of Wales. The work on the Judicial Appointments Commission (JAC) fitted neatly with my membership of the Commission on Devolution in Wales and there was a helpful confluence of interest. The JAC's role is to respond to 'Vacancy Requests'. For all selection exercises up to the High Court, the hard work of sifting and interviewing is done by panels. The preparation and briefing of panels is obviously key to the process, and in order to establish consistency, a very careful process of regular calibration and moderation is used. The Assigned Commissioner has a role, but the burden falls on JAC staff. The Commission has developed and implemented a comprehensive diversity strategy, and works closely with key partners in the judiciary and the professions through the Judicial Diversity Forum.