chapter  1
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Weaving the Luso-Hispanic fabric

An entangled world of dictatorial constraints and theatrical responses
ByDiego Santos Sánchez

This chapter aims to understand the Luso-Hispanic world and thereby lend it theoretical sense - and addresses how dictatorship constrained theatre across the Luso-Hispanic world during the 20th century, and how theatre reacted to these constraints. It offers an idea of the Luso-Hispanic world is theoretically defined in the light of colonial history and global South discourses before a working definition. The chapter discusses dictatorship and argues that the shared experience of having lived under such regimes further weaves the fabric of the Luso-Hispanic world. It provides brief accounts of the dictatorships. The chapter discusses that the entanglements between theatre and dictatorship are classified on three epistemological levels. It concludes by proposing an intertwined reading of these entanglements across the region and contends that this interconnectedness metaphorically strengthens the fabric of the Luso-Hispanic world. The chapter also presents an overview on the key concepts discussed in this book.