chapter  4
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José Tamayo

Foreign policy and cultural opportunism
WithCarey Kasten

This chapter talks about Jose Tamayo, whose career spanned from the early Franco regime into democracy, considered one of the most successful Spanish theatre directors of the 20th century. Remembered mostly for his large-scale productions and expansive range, he directed folkloric Spanish musical reviews as well as plays by international heavyweights such as Bertolt Brecht and Tennessee Williams. He is also known for groundbreaking productions that challenged the Francoist cultural status quo. Tamayo's career provides a powerful lens through which to examine the production and dissemination of culture under Franco. Tamayo’s self-conscious publicising of the Lope de Vega's Francoist mission is best demonstrated by his Noticiario, a circular dispatched throughout the tour to keep the media and government at home abreast of the Lope de Vega's accomplishments. The quotes from the second part of the Noticiario, carefully curated by Tamayo himself, celebrate the Lope de Vega's service to the Francoist state in promulgating Spanish art and ideals in Latin America.