chapter  13
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The future of lifelong tourism education

ByGeorgios C. Papageorgiou, Violet V. Cuffy, David Airey

In closing the volume, this final chapter draws together a number of important considerations arising from the discussions of the preceding chapters. A synthesis of these contributes helps establish an updated conceptualisation of lifelong learning in the area of tourism which adds further layers of analysis and contributes to current thinking on the subject. The aim is to connect the individual analyses into a framework that incorporates policy and management elements that can prove useful for researchers, practitioners and decision-makers in tourism and education policy and practice in the future. In summarising the key contribution areas of the chapters in the volume, this final chapter finds that despite the specificity of circumstances influencing the evidence and considerations of individual chapters, there are many similarities in terms of the identified challenges, priorities and suggestions. This is indicative of the potential presented by pursuing a synthesis of various cases. The chapter therefore also attempts to outline an agenda for the development of lifelong learning for tourism in the future.