chapter  3
18 Pages

Lifelong learning and transformational workforce development

ByMadgerie Jameson-Charles

Sandals Resorts International, a Caribbean resort chain, is examined for its exemplary engagement of lifelong learning in workforce development initiatives. A descriptive qualitative case study design is utilised to explore how these concepts could have implications for lifelong learning for tourism (Cuffy et al., 2012) on a broader scale. Data from an in-depth interview with the Regional Group Manager and human resource and training and key policy documents were examined to gain an in-depth understanding of the workforce development landscape of resorts. The Sandals philosophy epitomises many aspects of transformative lifelong learning as a key strategy for tourism human resource development. The study results show the resort employs strategies that exemplify the four pillars of lifelong learning to advance staff potential, build strong teams and create a strong corporate culture through investment in employees’ human, social and economic capital. Importantly, the chapter advocates for engagement of transformative lifelong learning as framework for tourism workforce development.