chapter  5
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Millennials in crisis

ByDespina Gavrili-Alexandris

There is ample discussion in the literature on the value of internship as an educational method and initial orientation towards lifelong learning. However, there is little representation on the millennials as a generation or, more specifically, Greek millennial students who have experienced severe economic crisis in the recent past.

This chapter therefore examines whether there are interconnections between the characteristics of a successful intern, the features of a successful placement, and the motivators that may determine future career intention in tourism and hospitality.

The internship is viewed as an educational method that involves active participation of students in contrast to the conventional class method. Learning is achieved through the immersion in the internship (work) experience. Further, successful internships can be the first step to the path of lifelong learning, as well as the foundation of a successful career in tourism and hospitality. In understanding these concepts, the geographical perspective of Greek millennial students in tourism and hospitality is explored.

Data collection is based on in-depth interviews with internship providers as well as with internship millennial students of the tourism and hospitality programmes of state and private schools who have successfully completed the work-based learning experience in Greece.