chapter  8
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Multiculturality and lifelong learning

A Polish case
BySabina Owsianowska

The chapter is an attempt to present different forms of lifelong learning for tourism, based on three projects in which the author was engaged. Two of them were prepared within international cooperation between universities in the neighbouring countries: Poland, Slovakia and the Czech Republic, while the last one is related to collaboration between academia and business. Since 1989, universities and colleges in Poland have offered curricula in tourism studies, conducted within different (inter)disciplinary background. A diversity of new tools has been implemented to disseminate knowledge and exchange experiences between academia, the tourist industry, managers of attractions and local communities.

The author analyses projects addressed to adults: ‘Development of human resources, the Czech-Polish Silesia’ and ‘Polish-Slovak Know-How’, which were carried out by the College of Administration in Bielsko-Biala, Poland, together with Vysoká Škola Sociálna Správni in Haviřov, the Czech Republic, and the University of Żylina, Slovakia. Moreover, a project built on connection between science and business is presented. Its aim is to create a series of trainings for adults devoted to the promotion of cultural heritage tourism with a focus on multiculturality of the borderland regions.