chapter  9
13 Pages

Lifelong learning policy and quality for continuing professional development

ByGeorgios C. Papageorgiou

Drawing on relevant theoretical approaches, the chapter attempts to map important influences and relationships developed between key stakeholders in lifelong learning for tourism. The concept is examined from the perspectives of the learner, the tourism industry, tourism policy and education policy, and the focus is on highlighting the diverse perceptions on the benefits sought, responsibilities and priorities associated with operationalising lifelong learning for tourism. The chapter comments on the frequently perceived incongruence between each of the above stakeholder’s views and efforts despite their shared interests and attempts to explain a number of gaps and conflicts that may be affecting their outcome. The chapter refers to the Greek context as a basis for the discussion of various related issues and examines the compatibility and complementarity of official tourism policy and education policy guidelines. The chapter then concludes with the proposal of a framework that maps the connections between different stakeholder perspectives and identifies key strategic priorities that could be relevant in any context.