chapter  3
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Understanding Racialized Homophobic and Transphobic Violence

ByKathleen J. Fitzgerald

Despite the epidemic of violence against lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, and queer (LGBTQ) people of color, media coverage of anti-queer violence overwhelmingly focuses on white, gay, middle-class men's experiences. Homophobic and transphobic violence, from verbal abuse to physical attacks to murder, specifically against LGBTQ people of color, has escalated dramatically according to the National Coalition of Anti-Violence Programs (NCAVP). This chapter explores the disproportionate violent victimization rates of LGBTQ people of color, specifically through the lens of intersectionality and the white racial frame. Intersectionality theory encourages us to be attuned to the ways multiple systems of oppression, such as race, class, gender, and sexuality, intersect with and influence one another, creating new forms of oppression. Domestic interpersonal gender violence is a well-recognized threat to women's well-being, yet the home tends to be an overlooked site of violence against.