chapter  6
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A One-Day Tour around the World

On a rainy Friday in March 2008, I visit the Quai Branly Museum in Paris. The museum is only a couple of years old at this time, but much has been said and written about her already, this provocative child of Jacques Chirac. I have been there once before, but now I’m there alone to see and take notes of the objects that are on display from Eléonore and Madeleine Colani’s collections. Eleven of the 2,343 objects they sent from Laos and Vietnam are now on display in the museum. All are small and quite mundane objects. Among them is a knife, which is almost identical to the knife that Saykham had used to cut our way through the vegetation at Hintang a couple of months earlier. My partner Johan, who found the much-used knife beautiful, asked Saykham if he would consider swapping it for a similar new one from the market. The knife is now hanging on a wall in our summerhouse in the Stockholm archipelago.