chapter  5
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Highlands and Lowlands: Political Ecology and Territorial Conflict

This chapter ethnographically documents the patterns and strategies of rusticity, wild flora and fauna production; their role in reshaping a pre-Pyrenees territory in response to the agricultural and farming economic crisis; and their contribution to developing a tertiary sector of economy. The objective of rusticity production strategies is to recreate a rural environment, from houses and villages to traditions, while at the same time wild flora and fauna reintroduction tries to recreate the 'natural' element in the landscape and the native element in nature. These strategies are inspired and legitimized by a global conservation ideology whose main goal is to recreate an earlier socio-ecological stage, conceived as primitive or primordial associated with the beginning of time. The ideology of restoration, shared by the administration, politicians and experts, and the local population does not guarantee an overall consensus concerning the reintroduction of rusticity and wild flora and fauna. There are different degrees of consensus and discrepancies.