chapter  12
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Management of Environment and Landscapes in Mountain Areas: Social Representations, Actors, and Institutions in a Regional Natural Park

ByPierre Dérioz

The system of French regional natural parks (RNPs), initiated in 1967, includes a great diversity of environments-from mountainous littoral, deeply rural, to periurban. The system was created with three distinct and sometimes conflicting missions (Laurens 1997) that constituted an approach similar to ‘sustainable development’ even before that concept had been invented (Feuvrier 1997): the preservation of natural, historical and cultural heritages; economic development at the local scale; and promotion of tourist and leisure facilities. The relative priority assigned to these missions varied according to legislative or statutory developments until the passage of the ‘landscape law’ of 1993.2 Even then, the combination of these three targets, which every charter of RNP expresses in a specific way, varies from park to park.