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Introduction: Matching Social and Ecological Chronologies in the Pyrenees

All nature conservation plans and programmes affect the interests and expectations of many social players. The individual and collective dimensions of any given social-environmental conflict that may include economic, social, cultural, scientific, or strictly environmental aspects adds complexity to the task of analyzing it. Having assessed conflict, this chapter addresses its management through various approaches: political, administrative, judiciary, or alternative conflict management. These approaches encompass a series of tools: mediation, negotiation, or arbitration between the groups in a dispute. Aragon's Pyrenees are a good example of a territory in which the importance of control, management, or inhabitants' access to specific natural resources such as hunting areas, wood, or even water has led to disputes at the local level that were resolved in very different ways. The chapter adopts the Valles Occidentales Natural Resources Management Plan (PORN) as a framework to discuss the social process that accompanied its implementation.