chapter  5
Refusing Human Being in Humanist Qualitative Inquiry
ByElizabeth Adams St. Pierre
Pages 16

Battle lines have been drawn from sea to shining sea as Republican governors and their legislatures no longer make a secret of their ambition, which is to defund public education, end tenure, and rid the land of the scourge known as the cultural elite. Tenure is under siege, too. Think of attacks on it as attacks on the supply lines that feed higher education. In Texas, Governor Rick Perry has introduced a plan to stop funding for higher education in the traditional way and replace it with a voucher system that allows each student heretofore defined as a consumer to choose which professors to support with their enrollment. One thing author noticed while dreaming of a brighter future for higher education is that most of us on the left have lost sight of two important things. Revenge in a capitalist society is best represented in cold hard cash.