chapter  7
Building Confidence in Qualitative Research: Engaging the Demands of Policy
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Rather than inventing new methods, a remix approach offers a different way of thinking about what we do when we engage with particular methods to make sense of phenomena. Taking a remix approach begins with the premises of a bricolage approach and then shifts to a level we might call "below method", where we engage in everyday practices of sense-making. Remix is a metaphor that can help us get to this sort of reflexive attention to practice, product, and purpose and also is a fruitful mindset for engaging in highly responsive, ethically grounded, and context sensitive cultural interpretations. The history of remix is most often linked to the music form of Jamaican Dub, represented well by artist King Tubby. Conceptualized broadly, remix is not something we do in addition to our everyday lives, it is the way we make sense of our world, by transforming the bombardment of stimuli into a seamless experience.