chapter  10
“I Read the News Today, Oh Boy …”: The War on Public Workers
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We must learn to re-member the things that we've learned to forget. Whether through wandering into unfamiliar or always familiar contexts, making conscious choices to use or not use languages and cultural wisdom, or strategically choosing to cover or uncover, in returning to and re-membering, an awakening in research and teaching is possible and powerful. And for those of us who think and feel ourselves into our scholarship through frameworks and paradigms that are African in nature and that just 'feels right' to us we also recognize that we cannot feel or engage our scholarship without seeing that, as singer Dianne Reeves suggests in her song 'Testify': 'God and time are synonymous and in time God reveals all things, Be still, Stand in love and pay attention'. Within African spaces, time is not thought of in the abstract, but in relation to Spirit.