chapter  12
Interviewing and the Production of the Conversational Self
BySvend Brinkmann
Pages 19

This chapter presents a messy intersection, from the borders of the vast and expanding territory that is the margin that exists 'outside' the security zone, outside the gated and fortified community. The first part of the chapter revisits Chandra Mohanty's cartography of struggles, as faced by indigenous and marginalized communities. It provides sense of the landscape that researchers negotiate and seek to understand. In this first part, the chapter emphasizes the notion of struggle and what it means to live a life in struggle. The second part examines some of the implications for indigenous researchers who choose to work in indigenous and marginalized communities, communities that are in engaged struggle. Mori people are marginalized from mainstream New Zealand society. Some are able to choose the margins by embracing their Mori identities and participating in Mori society and culture. Some are alienated from Mori society.