chapter  4
teen Dangerous Ethnography
ByD. Soyini Madison
Pages 11

This chapter explores what role the current division of scientific labor has played in the construction of the order of our daily activities as researchers. Globalized knowledge means particularly in social science research domination of Anglo-American legacies, concepts and methodologies over the peripheral world with their potentially innovative own conceptual legacies and Indigenous epistemologies. Communication between cultures is a very complex issue, but regarding knowledge production, we can follow the route that recognizes a second-generation indigenization phenomenon that refers to how Indigenous people are being educated in local universities in the peripheries; in previous generations, that took place in the centers. Huntington asserts that around the globe, education and democracy are leading to indigenization. Other voices from Asia and Africa are necessary to go beyond any limitation to cultivate our analysis of the hidden and deep epistemic violence nested in the current division of scientific labor worldwide.