chapter  19
Choosing the Margins: The Role of Research in Indigenous Struggles for Social Justice
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A nineteenth-century prophecy by a Māori leader predicted that the struggle of Māori people against colonialism would go on forever and therefore the need to resist will be without end. This may appear to be a message without hope, but it has become an exhortation to Māori people that our survival, our humanity, our world-view and language, our imagination and spirit, our very place in the world depends on our capacity to act for ourselves, to speak for ourselves, to engage in the world and the actions of our colonizers, to face them head on. Māori struggles for social justice in New Zealand are messy, noisy, simultaneously celebratory and demoralizing, hopeful and desperate. Although there have been incremental gains, they have often been made from the depths of despair, accepted reluctantly as the crumbs of compromise.