chapter  21
Indigenous Researchers and Epistemic Violence
ByCésar A. Cisneros Puebla
Pages 15

Our knowledge about the social world has been tremendously useless when dealing with the urgency of social justice, social change, and democracy. We have created diverse kinds of sociologies and humanities to analyze and interpret our subjectivity and the miseries that provoke the ambition of power and inequality. As human beings, our 21st century is bringing us a portrait of those negative dimensions of ourselves that never have changed: it looks like our world nowadays is just a globalized way to eternalize poverty, injustice, and inequality. In what ways have the social sciences and humanities contributed to keeping the status quo? In this chapter I will explore what role the current division of scientific labor has played in the construction of the order of our daily activities as researchers. My emphasis will be on Indigenous knowledges and the ways to move to other conceptual coordinates our concerns and questions.