chapter  22
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: New Museological Ways of Seeing the World: Decolonizing

ByLina G. Tahan

The objective of this chapter is to present a model for studying the history of Lebanese archaeological museums. This chapter sets the background for an investigation of how Lebanese museums are still influenced by colonial ideas in terms of the display of artifacts. First, Edward Said’s (1978, 1993) philosophy of the history of the “Orient” is evaluated in order to answer a broader critical question: Is museum history missing an account of the history of the “Orient” and is there such a thing as an “archaeological Orient”? Through the dis-

cussion of Said’s works, the meaning of an “archaeological Orient” is analyzed. Second, the concept of museums and the postcolonial critique are examined with regard to the shaping of museums in the postcolonial period. Finally, models are presented and applied in my assessment of the role of museums within the context of colonialism and postcolonialism.