chapter  5
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Ethnographic Research for Social Justice: Critical Engagement with Homelessness in a Public Park | Jeff Rose

This chapter outlines the considerations people think are critical to the future of a social justice paradigm given the theoretical and methodological tools. It explores new discourses. Writers need to find new ways of connecting persons and their personal troubles with social justice methodologies. They need to become better accomplished in linking these interventions to those institutional sites where troubles are turned into public issues and public issues transformed into social policy. The author hopes the seven methodological approaches presented outlines the possibility for change when a social justice paradigm is combined with qualitative inquiry. The chapter agrees with Lincoln and Denzin that "writers have work to do, important work, and they must do it fast and well". Creative analytic practice (CAP) is one effective way to create texts that enact an ethical experience while being engaging and accessible to a wide audience, including those outside of academia.