chapter  7
A Sense of the Past • D. Lynn McRainey |
Pages 18

The sound of the alarm, the chill of the early morning air, the taste of toothpaste, the smell of toast, and the sight of the approaching school bus-a child’s sensory day is off and running. The senses are critical instruments for navigating life as children look, listen, feel, smell, and taste their way through each moment. When faced with an unfamiliar situation or surprise, the senses go on alert, collecting and processing new data to make comparisons and contrasts between similarities and differences of the known and the unknown. As you mature and accumulate life’s experiences, the senses are also powerful stimuli for memory and transporting you back in time. The taste of macaroni and cheese, the feel of a wool scarf, the smell of the ocean, the sound of a forgotten melody, and countless other sensory triggers personal to each individual can catch you off guard as a moment from your own past comes vividly into focus.