chapter  1
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Theocracy and White supremacy 1

Behind the Culture War to restore traditional values
WithChip Berlet, Margaret Quigley

The resurgent Right contains several strands woven together around common themes and goals. The theocratic Right, regressive populism, and White racial nationalism make up a hard-Right political sector that is distinct from and sometimes in opposition to mainstream Republicanism and the internationalist wing of corporate conservatism. The armed militia movement is a confluence of regressive populism, White racial nationalism, and the racist and antisemitic far Right. The racial nationalists’ ideal oscillates between brutish authoritarianism and vulgar fascism in service of White male supremacy. Secular humanism has been called the bogey-man of Right-wing fundamentalism; it is a term of art, shorthand for all that is evil and opposed to God. Traditional values also include an antipathy toward secular humanism, communism, liberalism, utopianism, modernism, globalism, multiculturalism, and other systems believed to undermine United States nationalism. The embrace of White racial nationalism by the paleo conservatives has been extensive.