chapter  3
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The European New Right and US politics 1

WithMargaret Quigley

The European New Right (ENR) arrives at its call for a new form of Gramscism from the Right in part because it rejects traditional economic analyses. The ENR critique of the Neoconservatives in the United States is based in part on the contention that the Neoconservatives reject the economic system of Marxism, without recognizing the deeper problem is that it is egalitarianism itself that led to the Soviet Gulag prison. The ENR is, in general, very critical of the role of intellectuals, although it is itself a quintessentially intellectual movement. The ENR introduced the term “cultural terrorists” to refer to its critics, in a usage that presaged the obsession of Right-wing ideologues in the United States with the term “political correctness.” The ENR says that its anti-egalitarianism is its starting point. Because it opposes egalitarianism in any form, it opposes Marxism and liberalism, both universalist and egalitarian systems.