chapter  5
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Contemporary interpretations

BySwami Ramdas; D. V. Gundappa (DVG); Swami Sivananda; K. M.

In this chapter are presented a few selected modern interpreters of the Gita who were focused more on its general ethical and spiritual content rather than its nationalistic and social implications. Even while dealing with the spiritual content of the Gita, these interpreters also brought out its relevance as a guide for day-to-day living in a morally acceptable and psychologically satisfying way. This helped in re-establishing the Gita as a text of universal significance. These interpretations aimed at bringing out the Gita’s teaching in helping man (or woman) find a higher purpose and sustainable and deeper happiness. There have been several more interpreters than those presented here, but some had to be excluded so that repetition of overlapping ideas is minimised and also because enough material on them was not available. Some of the contemporary interpreters are referred to in succeeding chapters, though separate sections are not earmarked for them.