chapter  8
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Novel applications

The Gita was traditionally seen only as a source of spiritual guidance and also as a means of earning pu n ya or merit through daily recitation. In applying the Gita to novel situations, which were not visualised at the time of its composition, it is important to appreciate that one should transcend the literal meaning of the verses and grasp the general spirit or purport ( t a tparya ) behind them. The application of this requirement begins with the very first verse of the Gita, which includes a reference to the battlefield. A few novel applications of the Gita have already been presented in earlier chapters, such as the efficacy of a business executive and the nature of a national economy in Chapter 6 while discussing Table 6.1 . The verses of the Gita have a remarkable profundity to enable this, which is what makes it a timeless and living sacred text which continues to inspire millions even after two and a half millennia of its composition.