chapter  1
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Significance of the Gita, its date and authorship

Krishna what is best ( shreya ) for him, Krishna’s reply is about not only what is best for Arjuna particularly but also what is best generally or universally for all (Dayananda 1989: 20). Arjuna is a symbol of a human being in struggle. Krishna’s Gita is meant for all. This is very clear from verses 68 to 70 in the last chapter of the Gita, viz. Chapter 18, where Krishna makes his intention for its wider dissemination quite evident, though of course among those who are faithful and devoted. Krishna says that one who teaches or expounds on the Gita with devotion among his devotees is dearest to him and will ultimately become one with him. Verse 71 of the same chapter promises that even if one merely listens to this teaching, he or she will have auspicious destiny. The text is clearly not limited to Arjuna, who is only a pretext for the profound teaching.