chapter  11
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Citizenship and an International Political Sociology

WithPeter Nyers

This chapter analyses some of the particularly constructive lines of engagement between international political sociology and critical citizenship studies, including the shared on practice, the problematization of the inside/outside binary and a concern with the international or external dimension of politics. Despite its centrality to modern political life, the concept of citizenship has been, for the most part, of marginal significance to International Relations. There is a growing body of scholarship that investigates the practices of everyday citizens and non-citizens for how they are reinforcing and resisting, continuing and contesting the inside/outside distinction. While international political theory presupposes that the citizen is defined by the state, scholarship in citizenship studies has investigated the possibilities and impossibilities of enacting citizenship in post-national and post-statist forms. Citizens can be expected to express themselves politically, to claim rights, perform duties and be active, visible and vocal members of society.