chapter  15
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Feminist International Political Sociology – International Political Sociology Feminism

WithMaria Stern

Scholarship in international political sociology has also placed great emphasis on querying the lines of distinction and border zones that order modern political and social life, as well as the fields that are designed to them. International political sociology/gender scholarship has also engaged with the question of the body and embodiment. Practices form subjectivity, what is at stake in the political and the social, how we draw lines of distinction, and where these limits are; they are also informed by all of these. Practices are both techniques of rule, and are constitutive of governing technologies; they also resist these technologies. The ‘thinking tools’ developed through a scholarship dedicated to an international political sociology enables both the tracing of the topography of boundaries as well as where, how and when lines are being drawn, actors act and practices occur; zones and timing of authority are decided; legitimation and accountability coincide and clash.