chapter  16
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Global Elites 1

WithNiilo Kauppi, Mikael Rask Madsen

A on global elites provides international political sociology an entry point for the study of the social structuration of power at the global level. A related sociological is found in an analysis of development workers entitled The Globalizers. The most effective form of power is provided by identity and civic culture. Citizens are socialized to sacrifice themselves if necessary for the greater good of the community. Generally, the booming global governance literature provides a highly interesting but often mainly descriptive analysis of new forms and constellations of institutions and agency. Expert power refers to the technical and political role of individuals and groups involved in the formulation and implementation of global policies. Cultural power refers to the models of organization that shape institution building. The dimension of class is even more present in elite theories that underline the concentration of power and social resources in the hands of a few who are then independent of ordinary citizens.