chapter  8
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The International Political Sociology of Security Studies

WithCan E. Mutlu, Çağla Lüleci

This chapter discusses the international political sociology has helped developed the critical agenda in security studies. When compared to traditional approaches to security studies, critical approaches to security studies are often presented in terms of a deepening and widening of the security studies’ agenda. International political sociology seems to enjoy an organic relationship with security studies, considered in the broader sense of the concept to include approaches that on discourses, practices and technologies of security. Scholars that self-identify with the community play a central role in shaping major theoretical and methodological debates and innovations in critical approaches to security. The call for papers for the first issue of International Political Sociology looked for researches concentrating on “frontiers, boundaries and limits” as well as “surveillance and security technologies”. An international political sociology attempts to overcome these limitations by making socio-historical analyses of security.