chapter  11
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The Art of Chinese Painting

Hong Kong perspective
WithTang Hoi-chiu

In the world of arts, the art of Chinese ink painting has its unique national identity as well as cultural and artistic characteristics. From the 1970s, artists from the mainland and local-born painters in Hong Kong continuously quest for revitalization and reshaping of traditional Chinese ink painting to establish contemporary trends that show the artistic and cultural identity of Hong Kong. Chinese ink painting utilizes the media of Chinese brush, paper or silk, ink and water, and Chinese pigments to pursue the Chinese philosophical ideas and aesthetics, which has become a specific artistic spectrum amongst oriental arts. The painting subjects also go beyond traditional categories of landscapes, figures, flowers or birds. As a result, various art trends such as “city ink painting”, “experimental ink painting”, “design ink painting”, “conceptual ink painting” or even “digital ink art” emerge from one to another, which inject freshness and visions to contemporary ink art.