chapter  17
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Rouquan - A Mysterious School of Chinese Martial Arts

WithDevin Tam, Wang Ling, Zhang Yaoting

Chinese Martial Arts is generally known as a physical, mental, and spiritual practice with a history of thousands of years. It includes a series of disciplines which consists of specific systems developed out of the necessity of defending themselves from the harms of nature and attacks of other people. Accordingly, the real spirit of Chinese Martial Arts is not to fight others or self-defense, but the seeking of peace, in particular inner peace, and a mind-body exercise aiming at an uninterrupted tranquility and serenity of the soul. Three major schools of Chinese martial arts fall under this category: Liangyiquan, Tanglangquan, and Yingzhaogong. The fundamental trainings of Rouquan thus include meditation and the Jingluogong. Liangyiquan, as the representative of Rouquan, by seemingly magical wielding of the power of to attack the opponent’s acupoints, causes no physical damage to the skin, skeleton or internal organs.